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Art Event: Sally Mann “What Remains”


1. Sally Mann “What Remains”. December 2011. Photography video/documentary

2. I will remember for a while how cool of a person Sally Mann is.  She has got so much criticism for her photography because it was of her children who were naked or half dressed.  I think that people need to mind their own business and leave her work alone, because it is really good work.

3. Something specific in her work that can influence my own work is using so much variety and her awesome locations.  She doesn’t use a digital camera, which is also a big difference.  But I want to try to do some cool, eerie, different landscapes like she does.

4.  I will rethink the way I look at art and how I judge artwork.  Sally Mann’s photography was so  talked about and judged and these people didn’t even know her side of it.  Thats why I think it was very beneficial to watch her documentary and see where she is coming from.

5. I don’t think that the movie had any flaws about it. It was really well-made, covering her family and personal life, her upbringing and artistic background, and also focusing on her current work.

6.  I learned a lot about that discipline of photography that I did not know before such as shooting with an old camera rather than a digital camera.  It got me thinking about how I rely so much on taking a million shots, and reviewing them right then and there, and using my editing programs. She is so talented than she doesn’t need all of this.

7. I hav a lot of respect for Sally Mann.  Aside from her amazing, famous, and controversial photography, I respect her as a person. She stood by her work through all of the criticism and she held her head high when her work was rejected from a large gallery in New York.

Art Event: Grad School Seminar from former art students


1. Grad School Speech @ CSUSM. Monday November 28, 2011.  Lecture.

2.  I came away with so much knowledge about graduate school from this event.  They went into full detail about the process of application, having a good portfolio of work and more.  There were 3 current SDSU graduate students, one who graduated recently from CSUSM.

3. Something specific that could influence me is to get an internship and start a good collection of work for a portfolio.  They made a good point that employers may want to see a whole series of  similar things, and not a thousand small “classroom exercise” looking projects”.

4. I discovered that I should really look into further schools and make sure I am not the only one being interviewed but I also really question the schools as well, so that was a helpful insight.  So that did change how I feel and think about that.

5. There were no flaws in the event.  They all came prepared and professionally with powerpoint slideshows with their processes, portfolios, and their own work.

6. I learned a ton of things I did not know before.  I never thought of how much it would be to apply to grad school and they made it seem like its a whole job in itself.  One person eve said to take an independent study and really make the time to get your stuff together.

7. I really felt respect for all the people who came out to share their processes and experiences and insights with us.  Aside from their great and talented artwork, it was awesome to see their motivation and their perseverance that got them where they are now.

Art Event: Bei Bei & New Earth Ensemble


1. Bei Bei and New Earth Ensemble @CSUSM.  Wednesday November 16, 2011.  Music.

2. I came away with a whole new knowledge of this kind of music that I heard, and an instrument I had never even heard of, The Chinese Zither.

3. There is nothing specifically that could influence my work because I do nothing with music.

4. This definitely changed how I hear this type of music.  At first I was just thinking, “this sounds like Mulan music”  Then I actually found it really mellow and relaxing.

5.  I dont think that there was any flaw in the event.  However, their flyer really bothered me because they did not even spell the word “Marcos” correctly.  The headline read ” Cal State San MACROS”!!!!!! This is something the designer should be ashamed of!!

6. I learned about this large instrument called the Chinese Zither.  It looks like an enormous, box-like guitar with 21 strings.  Its an instrument with a 2500 year history behind it.  It plays very traditional sounding songs.  It was pretty cool!

7.  I feel a ton of respect for Bei Bei (the musician).  Separate from her work, she is in a new country playing in front of tons of people who dont appreciate the music like they do in China. That is nerve racking, and I do respect the artist for that.

art event: CSUSM Silence and Noise


1. Silence and Noise. Friday, December 9, 2011.  Multidisciplinary Art Show featuring CSUSM students.

2. I will remember all of the amazing student artists and all of the talent that was displayed there that night.  Usually student art exhibits look like arts and crafts in my opinion, yet this was very nice and well put together.

3. A few of the students there did graphic design work and also photography that was really good. One student, Donovan, did a piece where he mixed a vector self portrait with hand drawing.  He cut his vector portrait in half and hand drew the other half.  This looked really cool and showed off the two mediums he likes to work in.

4. I think that seeing this will possibly change the way I look and feel about student work.  Although I am obviously a student as well, I often don’t give fellow student’s work a chance.

5. I think that this event also could have had more structure.  People were just wandering around aimlessly, then suddenly at 7 pm everyone disappeared to view the student films.

6.  Something about one of the disciplines I saw there was how hard it can be.  I saw one girl in the beginning setting up her installation art and it was crazy how large it was!

7. I feel a great deal of respect for all the student artists there because I know how hard it is to do and I know that doing shows is something that students are not used to, especially them having to hear their work critiqued.

(revised) Art Event: Victoria Marks 3 Dance Films @CSUSM


1. Victoria Marks. 3 Dance Films: Veterans, Mothers and Daughters, and Outside In.  September 14, 2011. Film.

2. After watching these films, I came away with appreciating narrative in dance.  I never have done dance or classes on that and its cool how her films really had stories behind them when they were only moving, not speaking.

3. I dont know if there is anything in the dance that can influence my work since that is not that I do, but I can definitely enjoy watching it.

4.  As said before, I think now that it might change the way I see dance.  Its more than just the movements, it is also expression and narrative.
5. I don’t think that there were any flaws at all, I just really would have liked to see the Mothers and Daughters preformed live.  It was so cool, and the fact that most of the mothers had no dance experience at all was really amazing to hear.
6. I learned to broaden my art watching because I can really focus on one thing and forget to expand my knowledge of other art forms.
7. I definitely do feel respect for the artist because she was there to present this film.  She stayed for a while after the viewing answering tons of questions, and she seemed genuinely passionate about what she did.  Although she is internationally recognized and a busy Professor at UCLA, she seemed very down to earth.

I went to the presentation of Victoria marks award winning dance films.  This was held on campus back in September.  It was very different yet good.  There were three films, one called “Mothers and Daughters” the next was “The Men”, and then the last was called “Veterans”

Mothers and Daughters was my favorite.  It was read mothers and daughters and she had said that many of the mothers had never danced at all.  It showed a very intimate relationship between the mothers and daughters.  She explained it as the dancers being metaphors on the dance floor, with the movement portraying strong relationships.  They were moving closer, and then being pushed further away, yet their hands never weren’t touching each others.  This resembles the mothers and daughters relationship where the daughter may grow up and try to push away but comes back.  The shadows were also a big part, it shadows resembled the daughters coming to earth, then later stood for them becoming similar and shadowing their mothers.

The Men had many older men walking around and it was a little confusing to me.  They were such cute old men though! Victoria Marks said that these men all found out so much about each other and would share stories on the set about themselves.  it focused on looking back on the past.

The Veterans was the last one viewed.  This dealt with soldiers with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.  This dance film was very symbolic of everyone and what they dealt with.  For example, there were toy soldiers that were left everywhere, and one guy had his military uniform following him everywhere he went.  It was about looking back on life and having self-acceptance.  It showed strong brotherhood especially at the end where everyone came together.  It ended with them looking to the future.